Robotics: Advantages and Disadvantages of Robotics

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Robotics advantages and disadvantages

When people say “robots”, the first thing that crosses my mind is machine. Very smart machine that was built to change people’s place in various fields. And we can also hear tons of comments and discussions about the humanity of that act. Whether robots can totally change or take our place, is subject of lots scientific papers, seminars, long term researches etc.

Robots? What and why?

If we are going to mention robotics, first must know what that means. Robotics is great part of the technology branch that works on the inside and outside look of the robots, or it creates  its computer system, the commands, feedback and process of information, and also deals with their outside look or the design and the application of the robotics in the industries. The production of the robots depends of the purpose of their use and the market where they will be applied.

Why robots? What are the advantages and disadvantages of robotics? There are many dangerous situations where people are being exposed daily and they are risking lives for one or another purpose. In order to change where it is changeable, or to replace where its replaceable, robots will take place. Those automatic machines that can fit in almost every risky situation are great success for human kind and great advantage and relief for further crucial decisions.

Gains and looses

In the last century the robotics construction begins with enormous expansion and great achievements. The aim that robotics industries want to achieve is highly set and goes almost beyond our imagination. All industries that take place in robotics try to explain what are the advantages and disadvantages? What is the main goal to all the robotics companies? What they want to achieve is to replace peoples professionalism or their work in order to save time, energy, power, finance and gain much more product. Industries have already started to accomplish that purpose by digitalizing whole plants, replacing the humans hand with new robotic one, much faster and more precise. More products have been made, with higher quality and minimum time waste.

In order to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the robotics we must look from the human side first. The human aspect was left behind, the coffee and lunch breaks, the vacations and the sick days off, the health insurance, all those things that help human kind were left behind. Robots are planned to work 24/7, without shifts, without weekends. It is saving firms finances, and helps the investment in new equipments, bringing in new machines, new robots.

What is the negative side from the robots? We are still talking about machines here. They are made of fragile, small pieces that can easily be damaged. If we compare the advantages and disadvantages of the robots we will see that every part of the robots is made so precisely that can be really hard to replace or to fix the problem which makes one great disadvantage. So maintenance of the robotics can cost serious amounts of money. And if whole industrial plant was replaced with robots than how many robots can be damaged in one work day or in whole work month? Can the damage be calculated and compared with the lunch breaks and health insurance?

But, what has that gave to the humanity and to the individuals that got replaced? If whole industrial plants were replaced by robotics, that means massive firing and more people left on the street without their jobs. This means that the industrial branch grows from day to day, but a person looses their jobs, even their families for lack of finance.

So are we ready to support this invasion of the robots and the new age?

Imagine that our everyday life will look like picture, painted with metal, iron and sounds of moving electronics walking around us. The expansion is moving so further that in these days robots with human capabilities are been created. They can talk, listen, act like humans, think reasonably and even have feelings. It can even help us clean our kitchen, make lunch, do all the domestic work. How lovely!

Can researches and all scientific writings, all scientists explain to us if using the robots will be advantage or disadvantage to our world? But are we ready yet? Is the world ready to accept these new machines that have totally different construction from us, but yet are so familiar?