It is not easy to complete a mechanical project successfully always. There may be lots of technical problems and mechanical error when you will go to give a theorem to a real look. Then what to do then? I am sure most of us will find some expert and professionals from mechanical engineering background to fix the problem. But is it really easier to get experts and professionals so easily to fix your problem? No this process is not so smooth also. Here we, Crazy Mechanical come to help you to provide you the opinion of expert to fix your problem related to mechanical engineering projects.

How will you get help?

Are you not getting enough idea or you are confused about the visibility of your projects? Then simply post the details of your projects through a blog post. As we allow others to comment and to post blogs here so surely you will get help from experts. They will comment about the visibility of your project or about the mechanical or theoretical errors of your projects. We know there are lots of professionals and as this is a common platform for them so surely you will get useful suggestions from them. So you just need to post the project details to get perfect solution or to fix your problem. As a common platform for mechanical professionals it is no matter from where are you but you can join here to get help and to help others as well.

What shall we do for you?

It is always difficult to select the right and useful project to complete. We are ready to help you in this issue.  Already we have posted lots of project details as like line follower, Hydraulic pulling and mounting, Solar Track System, Mech Washing Machine, Automatic bottle filling machine, Place Robotic Arm, Sand Filter etc. These Project details are going to help you seriously and you will get details for these projects which may help you to develop related projects like these. As these projects are already successfully implemented so you can trust the details and use relevant information and theorem to your project (If they are related to your planned project).  As we have posted lots of educational contents and theorem in this site so it is simple to get any kinds to theoretical help from here. If you are an engineering student then just do a research with each and every successfully implemented projects from our site. It will increase your knowledge power and will help you to be a successful engineer in near future.

As we have made it easier to upload project details to our blog and these are free for educational purpose so if you are a professor then you can use these to your classroom also. Surely your students will be benefited as well.