Production process

Production is a process, and as such it occurs through time and space. Because it is flow concept, production is measured as a “rate of output per period of time”.

This subject would be most useful for Polytechnic as well as Engineering student of all universities, AMIE student, for appearing theory examination, practical examination, and oral and to face interviews.

This subject will cover the topics like Foundry, Mechanical working of metals, Sheet metal working, Processing of plastics, Joining processes, Surface treatment, Lathe, Milling machine, Shaper slotter and planer, Introduction metal cutting and cutting tools advances, Drilling boaring and grinding machines, Nontraditional machining.


This chapter briefing about Pattern making, moulding sand, sand mould, melting furnace, and casting method etc.

Mechanical working of metals

In this chapter you will find the topics like, Classification of cold and hot working methods. Advantages and effects of these processes. Different types of hot working processes, Rolling, Types of rolling mills, Spinning, Forging, Extrusion, Piercing, Manufacture of seamless pipe and tubing. Machine forging and cold working processes.

Sheet metal working

This chapter describe, Sheet metal used in manufacturing. Operations shearing, slitting, nibbling, blanking, punching, piercing, hand forming, bending, flanging, ribbing, hemming, lancing, curling, edge formation, types of sheet metal joints. Press working, types of presses and machines used in sheet metal. Manual, mechanical, hydraulic power presses. Press brake, roll bending. Introduction to press tools and die.

Processing of plastics

This chapter will describe, Types of plastics, polymers, additives. Classification of plastics forming and fabrication processes. Study of casting, compression moulding, transfer moulding, injection moulding, extrusion moulding, calendaring, rotational moulding, blow moulding, laminating plastics. Plastic moulding dies.

 Joining processes

In this chapter you will find the topics like, classification of joining process. Concept of welding. Weld ability. Gas welding methods, gas cutting, equipment, working principle, and its application. Arc welding, classification of arc welding, MIG, TIG, plasma arc welding. Resistance welding. Special welding process. Welding defects.

 Surface treatment

This chapter briefing about purpose of surface treatment. Cleaning method mechanical and chemical cleaning, finishing methods and coatings, types of coating, powder coating. Metallic coating, electroplating, galvanizing, metal spraying, anodizing, polishing.


This chapter describes, types, construction of centre lathe, operations, tool holding and work piece holding devices. Procedure and calculation of taper turning, thread cutting. Attachments and lathe accessories.

Milling machines

In this chapter you will find the topics like, types, construction of universal milling machine, milling tools, tool and work piece holding device, and universal dividing head. Operations on milling, calculations and procedure of gear cutting, helical cutting, hobbing.

Shaper, scoter and planer

In this chapter we will find the topics like, Types, construction. Operations carried.

Introduction, metal cutting and cutting tools, advances

This chapter briefing about introduction to machine tools, their classification. Types of cutting tools used in machine tools. Orthogonal and oblique cutting, types of chips, single point cutting tool nomenclature, cutting speed, feed and depth of cut and its effect on tool life. Chip breakers, machinability, cutting tool materials, heat generated in machining, cutting fluids, economics of machining. Introduction of CIM, CNC machines.

Drilling, boaring and grinding machines

This chapter briefing about drilling, boaring, grinding machines.

Nontraditional machining

This chapter describes, introduction, classification of machining processes, study of principle of working, equipment and application of abrasive jet machining (AJM), ultrasonic machining (USM), chemical machining (CHM), electrochemical machining (ECM), electrochemical grinding (ECG), electro discharge machining (EDM), electron beam machining (EBM), laser beam machining (LBM), plasma arc machining (PAM) and ion beam machining (IBM).