Power Engineering

Power engineering also known as Power system engineering, and is a sub-field of electrical engineering. In this subject we are going study all about Power Engineering. Subject is useful to B.E., B. Tech, Polytechnic, and all Technical education Aspects.

This subject will cover the topics like I.C. engine, I.C. engine testing and pollution control, air compressor, gas turbine and jet propulsion and refrigeration and air- conditioning.

I.C. engine

In this chapter we will find the topics like, types of power cycles such as Carnot, Otto etc. with P-V and T-S diagram. Classification of I.C. engine, Working of Two stroke petrol engine, four strokes petrol engine and also two stroke diesel engine, four stroke diesel engine with valve timing diagram. Brief description of I.C. engine combustion, Scavenging, Pre-ignition, Detonation, Supercharging, Turbo charging, Simple carburetor, M.P.F.I., Fuel injection pump. And most important is its advantages.

I.C. Engine Testing and Pollution Control

This chapter describes, Engine testing methods like I.P., B.P. Mechanical, Thermal relative and Volumetric efficiency, BSFC and Heat balance sheet, Morse Test, Motoring test. Pollution control in exhaust gases of petrol engine and diesel engine and their effect on environment, Catalytic converter.

Air Compressor

This chapter describes, Introduction of air compressor and used of air compressor and their classification. Definition of Compression ratio, Compressor capacity, Free Air Delivered, Swept volume. Construction and working of single stage and two stage Reciprocating compressor and their advantages. Construction and working of Screw, Lobe, Vane, Centrifugal compressor. Comparison and application of reciprocating and rotary compressor.

Gas Turbine and Jet Propulsion

This chapter Briefing about Gas turbine and Jet Propulsion and their classification, working and advantages. Principles of Jet Propulsion and its working.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

This chapter will cover the following topics, Introduction of Refrigeration and Air- Conditioning, Vapor Compression System, Psychometric and air conditioning system.