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If you have interest in mechanical engineering then no matter you are an engineering student or common people but then you have come to the right place. We are a group of engineers and we are crazy about mechanical Engineering. That is why this www.crazymechanical.in has been launched. We know there are lots of people who have common interest in mechanical engineering and lots of students and engineers who also need help in their mechanical engineering life. That is why we are here to help them. We know there are lots of people who are not mechanical engineer but they are really interested to know each and every details of mechanical engineering or automobile engineering. We are trying to make these engineering contents easier for the people from different aspects of life.

No matter you are an engineer or not but we are sure that you are able to understand our contents easily. We have kept notes for different types of engineering as like as production engineering or automobile engineering etc. So you may check those notes to learn each and every detail related to mechanical engineering. Our first aim is to provide best quality engineering contents with images and diagram so that you can understand these concepts easily and clearly. These notes are kept in different categories so that you can find them easily whenever you need it. Check our category under “notes” section. We are also providing these notes in pdf format very soon which will help you to keep them in your collection and to use them whenever you want either you are online or offline. We have made the diagrams so easy that anyone from any background can understand these easily. Yes, all people are not engineer but all people have the right to learn and that is why we are here. Moreover we have lots of mechanical projects concepts and details of those projects if you want to share your project ideas with world we would like represent those ideas behalf of you please feel free to contact us. These will help you for your future study or projects. You can try to make these projects practically so that you can gather more knowledge about mechanical projects. When it is about automobile engineering and details then we get a few resources only for research and most of them are not free for all. But we have kept all free and we are making a huge online library of automobile engineering through this site. Just check one or two content from our list and I am sure you are going to love this website and our efforts to engineering contents.

We know that “knowledge is power and nothing is exchangeable with knowledge”. That is why all of our contents and diagrams are free for educational purpose. So you are independent to use these contents for your study purpose or to help your students. You can use these contents to your notes as well. We are trying to provide lots of contents, notes and useful diagrams of mechanical engineering day by day. But we don’t allow using any contents, notes, diagrams etc from this page for commercial purpose.

As it is a free but useful sites for mechanical or automobile engineering so your suggestions are highly encouraged. It will help us to go a long way and will encourage us. You can send us your valuable suggestion from “contact us” page of this site. You are allowed to provide negative feedback as well so that we can improve in those issues. So enjoy engineering and enjoy the world of automobile and mechanical engineering.